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“Very novel, fearless film.”

“It was a great reminder of purpose.”

“All there is, is Love. Beauty at every moment.”

“Absolutely beautiful.”

“Amazing: I wish I could share this with sooo many!”

“Beautiful, inspiring and important. Loved it!”

“You will leave feeling better than when you came.”

“Made me teary. Appreciation for life.”


Connect. Be inspired. Feel the power of gratitude.

Connect. Be inspired. Feel the power of gratitude.

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Louie Schwartzberg is an award-winning cinematographer, director and producer whose notable career spans more than four decades providing breathtaking imagery using his time-lapse, high-speed and macro cinematography techniques.


Louie’s film was so incredibly visually rich, emotionally immersive, and totally unforgettable!

Laura Schuman

Amazing: I wish I could share this with sooo many!

Debra Escobar

So visually beautiful, it opens the heart. Gorgeous visually - soul opening. So grateful for the experience. I want everyone I know, respect, and love, to see this.

Andrea Silberman, PhD

Awestruck remembrance of our purpose here upon our earth mother.

Mariana Mae

Combines a visual symphony to open our ears to listen deeply to humanity. The playful mix of visual motifs, the sounds, the faces of people, plants, animals, geography, the unexpected inclusion of love/death. Exceptional film experience, grateful for the entire film and Semel experience. Appreciate the 40 years of capturing extraordinary moments & packing them into one theme.

Yocheved Herrman-Blanton

The pictures & dialogue beautifully meshed. Beautiful! So touched. Needs to be seen by everyone!

Toby Ann Cronin

A movie that moves us to the core of our being. LOVE and even more gratitude. Thank you for making this movie. We need gratitude now more than ever. When Life gets tough, Gratitude Revealed makes Life good, bearable, grateful again.

Ana Laura Paiva

I want it in theaters! Beautiful, reminds you that you're human.


It's a true gift of joy. Empowering & insprational & very creative & thought provoking. Loved cliff dancers. Many laughs & smiles & awes! Show it in schools! It made me accept & appreciate my senses & humanness.

Pauline Pauly Kiwasz

The images were amazing. Powerful and thoughtful to my soul. Extraordinary artist.

Lisa Hillman

An antidote to anxiety and depression. It lifted my mood. Awe-inspiring visuals & message.

Annette Longa

You will leave feeling better than when you came. Is there a sequel?


Made me teary. Appreciation for life.

Juliane Nguyen


Beautiful, inspiring and important. Loved it!

Dylan Moscovitch


Excellent exploration of the concept of gratitude.

Amanda Rogers


Absolutely beautiful & touching. With deep gratitude for all involved in making this amazing film. Thank you!

Kelly Simon


Outstanding. Epic. Amazing!

Odat Elsey


Beautiful cinematography. Thought provoking. Uplifitng spirits.

Ronnie Hon


An extraordinary journey of life, love, and wonder. Fantastic experience, having been able to watch this film!

Maureen Flannery


Beautiful. Inspiring. Extraordinary. Louie is a wonderful filmmaker.

Gloria Vialpando


Profound exporation of a natural human state of grace.

Ruth Sharone


Moving, absolutely beautiful film.

Lisa Garcia