Where to begin… Gratitude.

And so we begin. This first post is tremendously exciting, as it represents what is to come. The blank page upon which many gentle thoughts will be shared, cultivated, nurtured.

What began over 40 years ago (still blows my mind to think of the duration), is just now taking shape. It started with a deep curiosity and love of nature. This lead to more questions than answers… the biggest one being, “what is the role of humanity in this cycle of wonder and awe?” Gratitude is the word to which eventually all roads of inquiry lead me.

My most recent film, Fantastic Fungi, explored the magic beneath our feet. The mycelium network is so ancient and so very patient. They demonstrate a way of existing in perfect harmony with any community. Just as the mycelium network is interconnected with all living things, I could see that gratitude is equally interconnected with all living things. Throughout this website, we’ll share tremendous stories and profound research in the area of gratitude and its benefits – physically, emotionally, spiritually, metaphysically, and more.

My goal here with the film and with the website is to share the tremendous efforts around the globe – by individuals, small groups, large organizations – to engender gratitude consciously. The stories in the film are the tip of the iceberg. The film will serve as a catalyst to ignite a wave of gratitude that can be felt by anyone who happens to land on this page.

Welcome. Catch the wave with us.

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Where to begin… Gratitude.