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Me siento agradecida por respirar, por abrir mis ojos cada día y mirar la luz en incluso la obscuridad. Agradecida por mi cultura, las nuevas que me acogen y también desafían.
Agradecida con cada persona que me enseñó algo de mi misma y por las que me siguen inspirando a seguir adelante, para tomar acción positiva en mi entorno.


I feel really Very Grateful... That I am living with my Grandmother .. who is the biggest source of blessings to me... !!!

Adarsh K

I Feel Alive And With Gratitude Fully ... As I Pray To God For The Peace And Compassion On This Earth ... !!!!!! I just wanted to spread the Message Of Love And Peace On This Planet !!! Amen 🙏

Adarsh K

This year I started doing a gratitude journal. Every evening I am writing down, at least three things that I am grateful for that occurred during the day. At first, I thought I was going to be repeating everything, my family, hanging out with my son, etc. However, I’m able to find new and different things many days and add to those general things that I’m grateful for With unique experiences that happen. It’s also nice to be able to look back on weeks and months and recall some of the good things that happened on those days. These days I commonly write down six or seven things instead of just the three that I was focusing on trying to log. it’s amazing what you’re grateful for when you really think about it.


Everyday i am aware of the blessing to be alive in making choices that matter to build my future proof happy self this provided by all my association close to me who bring me every day to the next level of myself - listening to the voice that guides me through silent thinking of the beauty of existence - profoundly pumping the blood in my veins to realizing the force of life - daily gratitude of being to be the most optimised self made man - counteracting in daily living the negativity and bend it into positivity - to make the change -


The key to an open heart is gratitude and every human being has
something to be grateful for. The real problem is sustaining gratitude.
With intense and overactive minds, with emotions that are often like quicksand, with powerful
sexual energy, there’s too much internal chaos to sustain an open heart, to embrace love and joy
and allow them to guide us day after day on our journey through life. I once told someone:
“Happy people are enlightened people,” but it would be easier to find the Holy Grail than
a person who can sustain happiness for an entire day, much less a month or a year or a
lifetime. What’s lacking in people is a system strong enough to prolong gratitude
no matter the circumstances, be they positive or negative. What’s lacking in most people
is internal balance and a quiet mind, the ability to live consciously in the world and be free
of the world at the same time, to love unconditionally and allow every internal and external
situation that happens be a guide or a teacher instead of an enemy.

Meditation can develop a chakra system that will give one the strength to sustain gratitude. Meditation isn’t a religion or a cult, but a craft that can be learned by anyone (no matter what their background or religious beliefs) who has a need to quiet internal chaos. Every craft has tools, and the tools of meditation are mind, breath, will, and a strong need to change and grow. They are tools we are born with. When used consciously these tools open the heart. They allow practitioners to experience prolonged happiness…the highest state attainable in one’s lifetime. It takes time, training and the will to overcome multiple mental and emotional obstacles that create chaos and dysfunction. Like a phoenix bird that ascends from ashes, a human being can build a strong inner life and live with unconditional love, gratitude, joy and happiness…

Stuart Perrin


My mother has been against me my entire life but today starts a new era of truth being told because covering it up creates chaos. My children need returned to me and I can begin my journey with my family in privacy where my grandmother left off. Nobody should ever take away anyone's family based on what the mother believes to be true about their child. My mother never took the time to chance knowing me. She was the evil step mother and sisters of Cinderella and this time Cinderella gets her happy ending. No nightmares to carry on...


I want to thank the fireman and officer who took my child when I was having a meltdown from my father's house and finding out he had passed away. I know they were keeping my daughter safe because they foresaw my panic before it happened. I just hope they saw it in time to be able to fix the breach in data and believe me this time that Roberta Welte was responsible for my son having to go to the hospital before this new child case was opened and my family was put in the middle of a situation that has been repeating since WWII and Biden and Putin ever cut a deal in the Ukrainian and Russian war we are experiencing today.02/29/2023


I came to end wars! ! !
Born 1940 in Berlin/Germany.
Compassion for my Dad, who did NOT want to become a soldier, "called" me in. -
I was the 4th child; 4 brothers. The youngest slipped out of my mothers lap
into a ditch, when we escaped from "the Russians".
Mother died 1944.
A childhood of a lot of illness and trauma and dr.visits.and suicide attempts.
Went to India in 1978.
Created a Meditation Center in the Black Forest, and practised every day for 2
Near death experience in 1981/82
Moved to CA. in summer 82, "found" Mount Shasta in 1983:
the beginning of my "Hallelujah" years.
This year, I finally listen to and heal my etheric body being - healing and
learning never stops.
Thank You for Your compassionate and intimate contributions.
Love and Blessings surround You.


There are so many stories, not just one single moment. I have experienced blessings since I was little. And the fact is, I am grateful for each one, along my winding, threading stone and flowered path. Currently, I have gratitude for my grandson, diagnosed with Leukemia, who is thriving, thankfully because of his parents, who plant, grow and eat organic from their gardens. They also go mushroom hunting, a favorite of theirs. (And no small task, in the Oregon forests!) Even on their small farm.
As I write this, I am immensely grateful for my home; surrounded by the artful beauty of paintings, some from relatives from Russia and Israel, that are eye and heart stopping. I live a life of opulence, on a smallish budget. It's pretty amazing. Gratitude feeds into my life daily; for all the heart connections that I see, touch, hear or feel, as I open to them.

Thank you for all that you do, Louie. You are simply amaaaazing!

Blessings and Love, Ruthie Urman


I’ve had a lot of sad moments, even beeing abused as a child. I honestly cannot say didn’t have my ups and downs growing up, until I found out that life doesn’t happen to you, just happens. And it’s up to us to find out the lesson we need to learn of each and every single thing that happens. The best way to do so is beeing grateful. Why? Because (in time I learnt to do so) we open our eye (not eyes but EYE) and see for real what we are doing here individually to be a part of a larger picture. And if you can’t see the bigger picture, just take a break: world won’t collapse cause yo DO stop. But you do need to. And then start watching things without judging, just embracing life like waves in the sea, coming at you no matter what. If you fight them, you’ll drown. If you relax, and go with the flow then you’ll SEE.


I have a 12 yr old pomeranian named Toby rescued from a shelter..
He has been with me for 9 years now and has been with me through a lot of deaths in my family and close friends he makes me laugh when I am at my lowest and I sure appreciate the time we have had together. Such a little sweetheart..


At the age of 73 I’ve lived a remarkable life ups and downs tragedy and joy
I’ve practiced gratitude for many years on and of wit meditation living on a spiritual
Path on and off The in a blink my 22 year old son left his young body from fentanyl poisoning
I’m Feb 2022 on that day the Word Gratitude have me a whole new Awareness an Awakening
Gratitude is the secret to life embrace it every precious moment you have
For my Dear Grandson Dylan
I thank you for giving me this gift it will help us all on this journey of grief As each day I awaken I am grateful 🙏🏻


For me, always staying in a state of gratefulness for everything and everyone present in this vast universe is an integral part of my life.
I am grateful to you for having given me an opportunity to learn more about gratitude.
Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you, again.


perception = gratitude=
perception = gratitude=
perception=gratitude= (repeat)


I used to be quite the adventurer! Then, I faced seemingly impossible physical pain as my old life faded in the face of a chronic, story-changing illness. This was only months after having my first child, and as COVID first started surging. My parents and siblings largely disappeared, and with a busy wife and a not-yet-verbal baby, I lived the same day - a day of extraordinary physical pain and loneliness - for a year and a half. I lost my job. I lost myself. I lost my faith in humanity. I lost hope. Grief overtook me, and I finally called out broadly and longingly. People who I had met throughout life, who's lives I had apparently touched in some positive way, began messaging and calling. It seemed a small gesture to them, and yet...that gentle wave of love saved me. It showed me that I wasn't abandoned, and began a path of inner healing that led me to begin showing up for, loving, and accepting myself and this new way of being. If I couldn't get lost in a far away adventure, I'd take in the details of every day with curiosity. If I couldn't work as I used to, I'd accept this as an opportunity to work on my inner world. My old sense of self had broken down enough during the process of experiencing pain that there was room to dissect the pieces, recognize invisible chains, and discover freedom. Even in the face of persisting pain, life became beautiful. Serious playful curiosity allowed me to heal old wounds and embrace the moment with new awareness and acceptance. I discovered that my heart needed to grow for myself as it had for the other people in my life, and it was only when I gave myself that gift that I became capable of giving love without demand. I was and am whole, and as a whole person in my own right, my cup overflows. I never thought I'd be grateful for the pain, for regular hospital visits, and here I am, free and embracing every moment as a gift.


Am grateful for my health and the the abundant love and support I have from incredible friends and family


I Am grateful to be alive


Deep loving feelings....Sweet compassionate giving....Forever learning....Always appreciating....Mindful healing.


I am grateful for all loving prayers of healing 🥰


I am grateful for this morning. I am grateful to be exploring myself.


Life. I’m ever so grateful.


I teach Secondary Science but played Santa this morning to nursery children in our school. The love from these kids was overwhelming! It gives me hope for the future!
That´s my gratitude!


I am so Grateful to God , looking back in Gratitude to Year 2022.
God has blessed me, God has helped me,
My Family are all Hale and Hearty
I am Grateful


My gratitude story was gifted to me during a particular childhood event. It was from an unfortunate event that bought about my most meaningful Christmas one can ever imagine. I had an older brother (by 10 months-Irish twin) who was diagnosed with leukemia just after I was born. The last few years of his life he spent alot of time in the terminally ill section of the Children's hospital with other terminally ill children. I remember one Christmas in particular that I decided to stay up there with him with them. I was kind of a regular there so I think I may of had special privileges (they let me sleep with my brother there in his hospital bed before, etc.) It really wasn't like a great big sacrifice like missing out on toys,stockings etc. because I wasn't getting anything I guess because we were real poor and kind of homeless cause dad left but we had a roof over our heads and had food. Oh so I would go up with mom or an aunt and mabe they would leave and I would stay(nurses would look after me) and one of my other relatives would come up, visit then take me home. Yea so I would like make the visit rounds to the kids in the terminally ill section. This probably wouldn't be allowed today but this was just after the Children's hospital in philadelphia opened in early to mid 70s. The one thing that bothered me was I think I remembered seeing a Christmas party on the other side (not terminally ill section) and some of the Children in the terminally ill section looking, mabe wishing ? There was no parties on their side and th lights were off most of the time. But this one Christmas the nurses let me use a wheel chair for the visits. Some didn't want visits alot slept most of the time, I mean it sounds(and perhaps is really sad) but spending your Christmas with those whom it would possibly be their very last and I feel they knew it. I really wished I had money for gifts for them but the gift of oneself was the best I could do with what I had as a 8 year old boy. Sometimes they would stare in my eyes as to say what is this silly boy up to now ? Mabe to take you away from the grief, pain and fear just for the moment ? At that age I knew little about death but I knew about suffering and not on my little watch. Sorry to ramble on and this was not meant to be an upsetting story as I tend to sugar coat things. It's just as I look back I truly feel that at that tender young age I was living the spirit of Christmas not even knowing it . This gives me the will and spirit to press on. This was the most meaningful Christmas one could ask for even though I would wish it on no one. Please have a safe and joyous holiday. Try to live it as if it were your first or last, stay in the moment with the eyes of a child. Namaste 🙏