GIVE the gift of gratitude

Join Director Louie Schwartzberg, and a coalition of leading non-profits and corporations, for the nationwide theatrical release of GRATITUDE REVEALED. Show your gratitude for employees and workers in theaters across America by sponsoring A THEATRICAL SCREENING OF THE FILM IN YOUR CITY OR TOWN.

Invite employees, workers, and their families to a night out at the movies and enjoy Schwartzberg’s immersive cinematic experience. Through vignettes of everyday people, we find the beauty in humanity and the resilience of the human spirit… and the desire to reconnect with each other.


Now, more than ever, our society is in desperate need of connection. Both internally and externally, there is a need to address the global suffering from isolation, stress, and anxiety due to the Pandemic. Family and friends, employees and co-workers, physical and mental health, and the environment and indigenous lands matter.

Corporations, non-profits, educators, and individuals are seeking ways to show more gratitude for the world around them, and sharing Gratitude Revealed is a great first step. 

This film provides a global audience an opportunity to open our hearts, see each other with compassion and understanding, and build bridges with those who think differently. In addition, the film campaign will provide moviegoers with a shift in consciousness on the important role that gratitude plays in their lives and how they can work towards experiencing more of it.

Sponsorship Opportunity


Louie Schwartzberg, in association with event-based theatrical distribution company Area 23a, is working with theatrical exhibitors to bring the film to communities across the country.


Exhibitors recognize the sense of urgency for moviegoers to see this award-winning film, and the positive emotional impact it has on communities.


By purchasing tickets to this acclaimed film, you have the opportunity to show your appreciation for your employees, customers, membership, local community, and family members with a one-of-a-kind cinematic experience.


The screenings will create an invaluable cinematic forum for patrons to discuss the importance of Gratitude and allow them to share their newfound knowledge within their communities.


The theatrical ticket-purchase program will be supported by organizations and non-profits whose vision aligns with the film’s message of bringing much-needed attention to Gratitude.

The ultimate goal of the filmmaker, and the film’s campaign partners, is to have as many people as possible experience the powerful message of the film, understand what Gratitude is, and recognize what resources are available to inspire people to live a life full of Gratitude. Ultimately, our aim is to create a better and more grateful world for all.

Gratitude Revealed is an exceptional sponsorship opportunity that allows partners to associate themselves with a “game-changing” film and share the Gift of Gratitude within their community.