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I am so grateful for the ability to connect with a like minded community and share my gifts with the world


I feel most grateful when I have helped others to feel grateful.

Giving compassion, loving-kindness, and humor to others blesses both them and oneself.

To share sympathetic joy with others not only connects and binds us to one another in empathy, but also inspires our gratitude for the gift of life and our sharing of that gift with others.

Moreover, it is the gift that keeps on giving. With every remembrance of how we have touched the lives of others, and how they have touched ours, we get to relive the joy that comes with being grateful.

Gratitude keeps our hearts open to the possibilities of life, gives us motivation for following our dreams and pursuing our ideals, and grants us peace of spirit in knowing that we have been blessed in having been a blessing to others.

Gratitude is a disposition and attitude towards our lives that transforms the commonality of our existence into the joy of our being.

If we sow and cultivate gratefulness in our lives, wherever we are able to do so, knowing there are some places where that may not be likely, we imbue our lives with the full color spectrum of what being alive can mean. We honor the wholeness of who we are, and how we are in relationship with others.

Despite the more somber hues of existence which are inevitable, gratitude splashes a vibrancy of resplendent color onto the canvas of our perceptions -- reminding us of how we are all the painters of our lives, and how our creative and joyful reimaging of our experiences can inspire the lives of others.

Gratitude provides luminescence to our lives, allowing the light within us to not only guide our paths, but to also illuminate the paths of those with whom we share our lives.


Words...hmmm...I thank the divine grateful to be on this magnificent journey.


Through the vast power of Shamanic Journeying, Soul Retrieval, and Friendly Compassion, I will visit my Eldest Sister after years of not being close. I can understand the Wounded Healer archetype and feel free to create here. May you be surrounded by helping Spirits!


Eternally grateful to my mother for putting me in piano lessons as a kid and insisting I continue to study music growing up. That early music education gave me a definite head start when I decided at fourteen I wanted to pursue music professionally. Thirty years (and a college degree) later, I've delivered over 3500 singing telegrams and facilitated incalculable joy and lifelong memories along the way. And because singing regulates your nervous system and laughter relieves stress, I get just as much benefit from the joyful service as my singing telegram recipients and customers. Everybody wins 🙂


Life is beautiful if you make up your mind to enjoy the journey with a sense of joy to share with others you met along your way.


So uplifting and inspiring!
An absolute cure for cortisol overload and just what I needed!!
And what I would love for the world to watch right now!


I am so entirely grateful for everything life has fought me this far. But above all for the love of my grandchildren and for all that they continue to teach me everyday. How blessed I am. Thank you for the opportunity to share the love and lessons with others everyday.


I'm experiencing tremendous gratefulness with each day as I witness myself and many others expanding our consciousness and bringing more love and light into our world. Magical moments of mysteriously unexpected connections with ones who have passed through the veil and left their human bodies add to this gratefulness. Less than a yar ago, I never would have thought any of this to be possible. I'm no longer fearful of making that transition myself; I want to keep learning and experiencing these gifts for years to come before I joyously join those on the other side.


Blessings Blooming in Being!


I am grateful for every breath of life! I’m grateful for the time that I had with my mother before she passed when I was a teenager… I’m grateful for the sun, moon and for a blessed universe that always supports my journey… I’m on the Known Odyssey… 🎼🌎💎❤️


I am grateful there are so many wonderful souls (like Louie!) willing to share the wisdom they have gained in this short sojourn we call life as a human here on this beautiful living planet we call home.


Today is Thanksgiving. This was my parents favorite holiday. I have many beautiful memories of our family gatherings. They are no longer with us but the memories live on.I miss my family around the holidays as many people do.
We were invited to a Thanksgiving dinner by some friends. It was a pot luck with many people I did not know. One friendly man was making conversation. I told him how I missed my family. He said we are now FAMILY! Most people there were alone or with family far away. We are all family. I wish more people would think of us as connected, and there for one another. I was moved by what he said and I became more grateful for the people around me,thosr I knew and this I did not know.


I Am Grateful for Everything!


I work hard in a mine in the Yukon.
Im on my 3 weeks off and im Happy to be helping my daughter and her husband prepare there new home for moving in.We are painting and cleaning and putting beds together..
im happy and sence a lot of grattitude in being able to be here to help.
Thank you Thank You. Thank You


I am grateful to be alive and experience the beauty of life despite the obstacles and adversity in my path.


I am 71 years old and fortunately am still not exactly as I would wish, but I’m much happier than I was as a young man. In spite of all the distractions and unhappiness I have accepted myself and am now happier and more grateful and connected to life than ever.


I am grateful for my daughter and her addiction. It has made me a gentler more compassionate human being.


Grateful Me

I am me...
I am daughter..
I am friend...
I am sweetheart
I am Nurse...
I am Wife...
I am Mother...
I am a child of God...
I am loved...
I am Grateful....
I am me....

My life is the lump sum total of all that I am grateful for. Everything I am, everything I've been, everything I will be, creates the room and a space of safety for me to be me and to find gratitude in even the smallest of things!


Agradecer a toda la vida que nos ayuda a sanar a través de ella, infinirtamente agradecida.


I love paying it forward


The miracle of having overcome several incidents that could've ended up in death for myself and child. To now have a comfortable roof over my head, having come from nothing at all. Most importantly, I'm grateful for all the beauty that surrounds us, if we open our eyes.


I am grateful to the lord for me knowing my cats and one in heaven I am grateful for loving and lost than to never have loved at all I am grateful for being comfortable with money and never to have slept on the streets I miss my beautiful cat


When I was 47 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. After surgery, I went through 6 rounds of chemotherapy then radiation treatment 5 days a week for 7 weeks. My children were 5, 7, and 11. I was grateful that it was me who had cancer and not one of them. I thanked God that it was me and not my child.


I am co-author, along with 29 other women from all over the world, in the third book in the Life-Inspired series, called “The Book on Gratitude”, which will publish on or around December 6th 2022. We share our stories of what gratitude means to us, and most of us watched this movie on World Gratitude Day. Thank you for the gift that keeps on giving.